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scribbled sound and musical melangaise
pronunciation par excellence
creators of pocket guides to James Joyce's Dublin
performer-composer, of Facetten van de kunst
Polish translator and re-translator of Finnegans Wake
Eyeless in Gaza's experimental folk balladeer
musician, translator and editor
musician, composer and session player
atmospheric vistas, nostalgia with a dark undertone
multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter
Joycean cartoonist of Ulysses "Seen"
Canadian poet and professor
Berlin's leftist sound experiments
Łukasz Kacperczyk and Mateusz Wysocki, joined by Wojtek Kurek
producer, media maker, hitRECord collaborator
Irish born composer and pianist in Switzerland
London's improviser and experimenter
Irish born educator, lecturer and performer in Hamburg
Joyce scholar and Canadian multi-instrumentalist
one-man subculture in the UK's lunatic fringe
awaken with unabridged reading of Finnegans Wake from Hawaii
"jamgrass" producer and fiddler of Railroad Earth
singer, songwriter, producer, composer, of Butterfly Child and Assassins
Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth and Lou Rogai of Lewis & Clarke
often composes for puppets
multi-instrumentalist and instrument builder
New Zealand saxophonist based in Belgrade
author, illustrator and Wake blogger
ambient pop experimentalists
Dutch composer with Bruckner's temperament
Poulomi Desai and Simon Underwood, prepared and modified instruments
founder­member of improvising noise group Sandoz Lab Technicians
visual and performance artist, once talked non-stop for 8 hours
schizophrenic art-punk from Western Mass
jazz guitarist of sacred songs and sound healing
(two travelers in the world of sound)
artist and Chinese medicine practitioner
Berlin's improvised audiovisual experimentation
chess player, biologist, musician
poet, performer and Joyce scholar from London
University of South Florida, James Joyce and film
mictronally-inclined composer
electro-acoustic improviser and International Contemporary Ensemble trumpeter
DJ, drummer and Robert Anton Wilson fanatic
"A Band" veteran and the ham-fisted free players of Midlothian
sonic segments of ambient, noise, electronic and drone from Milan
Joyce voices sometimes bombastic, somewhat pleading
Dutch vocalist and book artist
demented Three Penny Opera twisted mind from Wild Stares composer
outlaw poet and editor
international artist exploring sonic and visual revolutions
alt-folk-psych-rock troubadour
author of The Saskiad and I Should Be Extremely Happy In Your Company
abstracted sauces of Tom Bench
actor and "JoyceGeek", having memorized entire chapters of the Wake
a mechanical body without organs
poet/editor and circus artist/teacher duo
performer, actress, writer, curator, time traveller
Boston-based theatre troupe interpreting Joyce
records with Peace Off Records, Kaometry, and Otherman
sometimes-composer-violist-trombonist and general badass
singer-songwriter, actress and acting coach
writer, teacher, and composer
largely improvised demon exorcisizing electronic doohickeys
composer and songwriter in East London
witnessing the demiurgical self-determination of rhythm and melody
newly reunited early 90s ambient pop duo
expressive arts, youth work, performer and poet
music teacher and multi-instrumentalist, mother of Sara
design and communications specialist for Waywords and Meansigns
ambient music from Glasgow
Grammy award-winning producer and composer
Finnegans Wake book artist and printmaker
gathered & recorded Wake readers at Burning Man
heady avant-psych rockers aka "cosmic dirge purveyors"
pianist and future stick figure vandal
memorizing and performing the entirety of Finnegans Wake
composed and free improvised contemporary music
percussionist, music theater maker, instant composer
Amsterdam-based artist and performer
composer or improviser or musician or sound artist or programmer
electronic music and poetry duo from Quebec
London-based trio joined by Sally Timms and Martin Billheimer
author, actress, writer in New York; singing rendition of Joyce
singer, visual artist, filmmaker; future psychologist
composer, Madder Rose and Saint Low frontwoman
woodwind instrumentalist and composer from Dublin
costume designer, playwright and director
experimental cassette musician
German dark pop musician
illustrator and member of johnnytwentythree
British theatre director and producer
composer and experimental accordianist
James Joyce and John Milton doctoral canditate at University of Birmingham
Denver local writer & musician
Macclesfield area painters, theatre makers, musicians and writers
French translator of Finnegans Wake
translator, editor and musician
a reading from the jazz vocalist and trumpeter
semianonymous art collective in Oklahoma
DJ and author Barry Smolin fronts a surf noir, jazz on acid band
writer, performer, playwriter with BBC Radios 3 and 4
Situationist inspired work as spiritual liberation
cognitive scientist and Bach enthusiast
Dublin experimenter and improviser, co-founded Unbend Legout label
Irish composer, musician and Joyce scholar
Jason Merritt, Kenneth Griffin, Jason Sebastian Russo and Paul Dillon
long-time devotee of the Wake
mysterious British post-rocker
improviser and human in training
aka jhp/Art-Errorist, founding member of "krautrock" pioneers faUSt
iconic punk rock artist
independent/outsider songwriter & music artist
collaboration of performers, artists and musicians from Sydney, Australia
off kilter songstress in Warsaw
integrating critical reflections with experimental noise, speech and movement
poet, artist and healer
director of Waywords and Meansigns
Joyce blogger and founder of the Finnegans Wake Reading Group in Austin, Texas
composer, singer, sitarist, Church of Betty bandleader
John Delaney, Tris Dalton, and Raphael Montague
UK composer based in the north of England
improvised music duo fuelled by alcohol and boredom
The cup will be filled with hot meat liquid.
Seattle quartet revitalizing electro-genre
indietronica pioneer
new grass and jam band emergence
Boston musician in bands Atlas Lab, Good Harbor, Dr. Fidelity
geologists, journalists, DJs, and dogwalkers
academic, playwright, actor and musician
Canadian poet and Vancouver Finnegans Wake reading group leader
template score composer
complete with cult following of shirt players
ancient practice of shifting consciousness through the arts
Wake-head Gerry Fialka and Pizza Maker Extraordinaire Joseph Weidinger
specializing in Original Pronunciation of Shakespeare
Polish composer and musician from Warsaw
folk duo of Thrum's Monica Queen and Johnny Smillie
led Peel favourite San Lorenzo
reading Henry Volkhonsky’s Russian "transcription" of the Wake
improvising to live readings of the Wake
Hampshire College based collective improvisation
Western Mass Wydyde weirdo
Israeli poet and translator, Dehak editor
LA punk and indie musician rewired by weird literature
space rocker of Venture Lift
noise-hunters and sample poets
grandfather of post-punk and the DIY scene
musician, writer and animator (Disney and Warners Bros.)
Swedish composer, sound artist and performer