Brendan Kinsella

Brendan Kinsella of Waywords and MeansignsDescribed as “amazing” by the Houston Chronicle, “astonishing” by the Santa Barbara Daily Sound, and “a sensitive musician with an ear for color” by the Cincinnati Enquirer, pianist Brendan Kinsella has performed as a soloist in Carnegie Hall, and in major musical venues throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. His performances have included milestones of the classical repertoire, including Olivier Messiaen’s Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant Jesus and Frederic Rzewski’s iconic The People United Will Never Be Defeated! Presently, he serves as Associate Professor of Piano at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, mere miles from Trump’s future wall, which he plans on adorning with stick figure graffiti.

Brendan Kinsella collaborated with Brian Tyree for the Opendoor Edition of Waywords and Meansigns in 2017, recording page 229 line 29 through page 230 line 25.