Waywords and Meansigns

Waywords and Meansigns: Recreating Finnegans Wake [in its whole wholume] set James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to music. The whole book! With readers and musicians from around the world, Waywords and Meansigns is simultaneously an unabridged audiobook as well as musical adaptation. Our 2017 May 4 release features over 100 musicians, readers and artists from 15 different countries.

We previously set the book to music twice, unabridged both times. The first edition premiered 2015 May 4 and the second edition premiered 2016 February 2. We are now setting shorter passages to music — a page, a few pages — for the 2017 May 4 release. This will be our final large group release, but we will continue to release individual tracks on an ongoing basis. Interested in contributing? Get involved.

All audio is free to stream and download via this website. 

Logo for Waywords and Meansigns, James Joyce's Finnegans Wake Set to Music Unabridged
Waywords and Meansigns by Robert Berry

Our goals are simple: to have fun with James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake; to make the book more accessible to newcomers; and to create a version of the text that appeals to dedicated listeners, students, scholars and Wake-obsessed people everywhere.

We aim to have many different kinds of people involved, including you! Our project is open to all musicians and writers, artists and scholars, weirdos and generally adventurous people. For more information, click here.

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