Always look up.
PhÆDRx of Waywords and Meansigns

PhÆDRx (FAY-drix) is an outsider songwriter and music artist. An NYU graduate originally from New York, he now lives in Reno, Nevada. An adaptation from several sources, the ultimate catalyst for coining the name “PhÆDRx” was hearing the name “Phaedra”, as sung by Kate Moss on Primal Scream’s second version of “Some Velvet Morning”. He proudly declares himself to be an “outsider” artist and works on his music entirely independently — writing all the music & lyrics, playing all the instruments, & self-producing. The four main themes in his work are Love, the Human Experience, Nature and the Metaphysical.

He recently completed a songwriting project entitled Great Work ^ No Alteration. 20 brand new PhÆDRx songs were written and performed in the 33 days between February 7th & March 11th, 2017. This stretch included one new song a day for 11 consecutive days. The focus then shifted, towards producing studio album versions of these 20 songs. The first PhÆDRx album is scheduled for release in mid-to-late 2017 and will be entitled “Always Look Up”.

He also created the PhÆDRx website. It sheds further insight into the name “PhÆDRx” and streams sample clips of the forthcoming album as they are completed.

PhÆDRx contributed to the Opendoor Edition of Waywords and Meansigns in 2017, recording “To the Pink, Man!”, page 512 line 1 through line 20.