the box sets

Evan Goodchildthe box sets of Waywords and Meansigns aka the box sets started making social justice short documentaries with the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community in 2012. The following year he won Best Short film at the Mad in America Film Festival. Evan produces videos and podcasts for non-profits, small businesses and artists from his home studio. He is the multimedia instructor for Educational Resources for Children where he provides after-school multimedia programming for middle school students.

Evan began producing hip hop in his teens and has collaborated with artists from all over the world. Check out, where Evan aka theboxsets is a contributing artist, former resident Audio Curator, and co-creator of the first season of the variety podcast HitRECord on Your Radio.

the box sets contributed to the Opendoor Edition of Waywords and Meansigns in 2017, accompanying multiple readers.

the box sets recorded page 3 line 1 through line 9 with Hervé Michel. Michel is reading from his own French “traduction” of Finnegans Wake.

the box sets recorded page 3 line 1 through line 14 with Roman Tsivkin. Tsivkin is reading Henry Volkhonsky’s Russian “transcription” of the Wake.

the box sets recorded page 13 line 20 through page 15 line 11 with Peter Chrisp. Chrisp is reading from the original text.

the box sets recorded page 45 through page 46 with Yehuda Vizan. Vizan is reading from his Hebrew translation.

the box sets recorded page 257 line 29 through page 259 line 10 with Krzysztof Bartnicki. Bartnicki is reading from his Polish translation.