finnegans wake set to music, unabridged

The idea was a simple enough question. How many ways are there to read James Joyce’s great and bizarre novel Finnegans Wake?

Seventeen different musicians from all around the world, each assigned to render a chapter aurally. The only requirements: the chapter’s words must be audible, unabridged, and more or less in their original order.

We set Finnegans Wake to music twice. The first edition premiered 2015 May 4 and the second edition premiered 2015 February 2.

To listen to the first edition, click here. To listen to the second edition, click here.

You can also find recordings by particular artists.

For 2017 contributors are recording shorter passages — a single page, or a few pages — and we are hoping you will join us. Get involved. This will be our final large group release.

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