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We invite you a record a passage of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake for Waywords and Meansigns.

While initially setting entire chapters of Finnegans Wake to music, we are now focused on short passages.
You can take a page or a few pages, and set it to music.
“Music” is defined loosely — we want to hear your voice through your ears, whatever that may sound like.

We are interested in contributions from all kinds of people — musicians, artists, poets, scholars, weirdos, passionate Wake-heads, those totally ignorant of the Wake, and anyone generally adventurous. “Here Comes Everybody” is our slogan, and we take that seriously.
A range of recording styles and methods is no problem.

Having released unabridged musical editions of Finnegans Wake in 2015 and 20162017 will be our final large group release. After that we will continue to release your individual submissions on an ongoing basis.

If you want more information or to get involved, contact Derek at
Please include a brief bio of yourself, and if relevant, audio or video samples of your work.

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