Brian Tyree

Brian Tyree of Waywords and MeansignsBrian Tyree is a musician living in Cincinnati, Ohio, a lifelong member of johnnytwentythree, and has been reading and studying Finnegans Wake for nearly three years, consistently amazed and mystified in its experiment and experience. He plays privately with STV, friends, and family and performs publicly with Social Mechanism, a rotating cast of musicians improvising to live readings of the Wake.

Tyree collaborated with a number of artists for Opendoor Edition of Waywords and Meansigns in hopes of getting out of them the feeling the book got into him.

Page 229 line 29 through page 230 line 25, recorded with with Brenda Kinsella.

Page 230 line 26 through page 231 line 22, recorded with Tyree’s band STV.

Page 231 line 23 through page 232 line 26, recorded with Michael Maier.