Derek Pyle Interviewed by James Joyce Quarterly Blog

Waywords and Meansigns director Derek Pyle was interviewed by Marie Sartain for the James Joyce Quarterly’s “Clever, Very” blog series.

Derek Pyle spoke about his own background, the evolution of the project, and the call for contributors for our 2017 release.

“We hopefully make the book more fun–Ulysses doesn’t need to be more fun, Bloomsday is good for that–but the exciting parts of the Wake are sometimes lost, like when the book is positioned in a really rigid academic context. We want to step outside that. Certainly some of our contributors are scholars, some of our recordings reflect deep textual analysis, and the audio does work as a teaching tool. But pandering to the scholarly sensibility is not our primary focus. If anything, we’ve created a homing beacon for those people rejected by traditional academia, the people told their love of Joyce is not whatever enough. I’m proud to be on that side of the coin.”

Read the full interview here.

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