R.U.U.N.E.R.U.U.N.E. of Waywords and Meansigns stands for “RITUAL // UTILIZING // UNIVERSAL // NIGHTMARE // ENERGY”, and represents opening and closing of a musical circle of salt. Everything sung is a thought-form programmed into chips and crystals, and manifesting into ghost sounds and chiptunes to express survival through trauma, gender identity, and thousands of demons under the name of oppression. Previously a quiet song wanderer circling the states writing poems for a decade straight, this nomad eventually buried their body in a pit, hanging by a foot on a rope tied to a root. From under the faerie ring a blue ghost rose and now makes use of hacked gameboys, loop stations, a theramin, and witchcraft to loudly be invulnerable to the abuse the world has to offer. R.U.U.N.E. is a gay as hell invincible dance party somewhere in the darkness.

R.U.U.N.E.’s contribution to Waywords and Meansigns will be released in 2017.