Ulrich Krieger, Haunted Robot, Ltd. and Dameon Merkl

We’re very excited about the latest additions to the Opendoor Edition of Waywords and Meansigns. This stuff is fantastic.

Ulrich Krieger recorded “Finnegans Longstone”, page 538 line 18 through page 540 line 36. 

Credits — Ulrich Krieger: voice, alto and soprano saxophones, inside piano, bowed piano, guitar, bass, editing, composer; Vicki Ray: piano, inside piano, bowed piano; Danny Holt: piano, inside piano, bowed piano, percussion; Daniel Corral: accordion; Kris Rahamad: violin; Sarah Cubarsi: violin.

Haunted Robot, Ltd. and Dameon Merkl recorded “Last ye, lundsmin”, page 372 line 23 through page 373 line 12.

Credits — Music written and performed by Cary Haun; spoken word by Dameon Merkl; additional vocals by Fiona Merkl.

To record your own passage of Finnegans Wake, get involved.

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