Maharadja Sweets

Maharadja Sweets of Waywords and MeansignsMaharadja Sweets is an experimental musician with a number of releases on cassette – including guitar explorations, a spoken word short story, and a science fiction concept album.

Maharadja Sweets contributed to the second edition of Waywords and Meansigns, recording Book I Chapter 6, “Riddles: The Personages of the Manifesto”.

Credits — In addition to M. Sweets, Suzanne keeps count and demands answers. Also without her, M. Sweets’ Joyce journey and recording of this piece would not have happened — thank you and much love! Wes Tirey wrote, performed, and recorded the answer to question 3 (“Thine Obesity…”). Broc Rob sings on question 4. Mike and Pete from Lost Gloves play bass and drums on question 5. 

Maharadja Sweets also contributed to the Opendoor Edition of Waywords and Meansigns in 2017, recording page 139 line 29 through page 140 line 7.